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Would you like to top your meetings, product trainings or sales training with a practical and entertaining component? Invest one, two or three hours for a workshop or an event that will boost your company.  Business Knigge expert Susanne Abplanalp presents in a humorous and fresh way practical tips on how to sympathize even more with your clients. Small details are often the key to Success. When it comes to similar products, the client will always choose the one with the most friendly salesman. The Knigge expert will teach you how to score points in your team and with your clients.

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Business Knigge – What counts today!

Greeting, introductions, meetings, respectful customer contact, table manners, small talk, body language and dresscode

60 Minuten:                      CHF    600.00

120 Minuten:                    CHF    900.00

180 Minuten:                    CHF 1'200.00

Knigge Appetizer “With a glas on the hand and a chive in-between the teeths”

How does smalltalk and networking work? How to greet your guests while holding a glas and a canapé without creating an awkward situation. During the workshop you'll be enjoying a glas of champagne and some canapes so that you can apply your learnings. (Consumation not included)

30 – 60 Minuten:               CHF 600.00


Wine Knigge

Who chooses the wine? Who should taste the wine and how should it be done? Can I just pour myself some wine? What is the difference between degustation and decantation?

With this knowledge you'll be a much better host – at the restaurant or at home. During the workshop you will degustate one withe wine and two red wines, so that you can apply your learnings.(Consumation not included)

60 Minuten:                      CHF 600.00


Accompanied Knigge lunch

Tipps & tricks during your Business Lunch.(Consumation not included)

120 Minuten:                    CHF 900.00



Tailor made events are also possible. We'll be happy to assist you.

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