Wine Library

The hotel's Wine Library, which seats 70, is home to an inspiring collection of 33,000 antiquarian books.


We offer meeting guests a selection of delicacies from our restaurant partners. If you opt for a day package, you can choose your caterer for lunch. It is always served in our Wine Library: 

B2 Pack 1

  • Salad or soup
  • Main course with brain food lunch option, exclusively for meeting guests
  • Dessert              

Mangosteen Pack 4

  • 3-course meal, seasonal menu

Juan Costa Pack 2

  • Hot and cold Tapas buffet
  • Dessert

Light dishes are available at any time of day or night in our Wine Library:

  • Tapas buffet: a selection of tapas.
  • Breakfast: Speciality cheeses and dried meats from natü, breads, muesli, egg dishes, and Zamba and Raguser juices
  • Speciality Zurich cheeses: Local Bergfichte (creamy and gooey), Pilgerkaese (semi-hard), Hinkelstein (hard), Bachtelstein (semi-hard) and Jersey Blue cheese


  • Hürlimann Sternbäu brewed according to tradition, our tangy house beer.      
  • Zurich wines: Whether from the urban district or wider region – they are all Zurich wines

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Smoking: smoking is permitted just a few steps away, outside the Wine Library in front of the hotel.