Unique meeting rooms for your boutique meetings

Bookmark 1

360° view

A warm atmosphere, with wood-clad interior and natural light, awaits you on the ground floor. Popular with corporate clients seeking small, private venues  up to 14 people . Perfect for meetings, board meetings, workshops, conferences. 

Bookmark 2

360° view

With capacity for 10 to 18 people, a sculptural tunnel of light ascends like a concrete funnel from Bookmark 2 to the rooftop baths, where it captures reflections from the water. Inspires attendees at creative meetings and coaching and training sessions.  


360° view

The Machine Hall is a historic venue, listed for preservation. Original machinery bears witness to its brewing history. With an area of 370 m2, it provides an exclusive backdrop for exhibitions, film and photo shoots, presentations, products launches, and private viewings for up to 100 people.