Bookmark Meetings

Experience seminars, creative meetings, and events that will be remembered as a good story does. Events that touch the heart & makes passionate/dedicated hosts transform your event to something extra special, performed in locations with a pioneering spirit, where ideas come to life. In locations with a unique (hi)-story that inspire with their stories, the environment, the house and the people who have shaped it.

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Your guests will enjoy tasty brain food, which is designed to get peak performance from the brain, e.g. smoothies at refreshment breaks or lunchtime. With anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties, brain food helps maintain stable blood sugar levels.

Typical Bookmark Meetings

On the table, each guest is provided with a stress ball and an apple for a healthy snack. Free high-speed LAN and WLAN (Wi-Fi) internet are a given at Bookmark Meetings.

Energy Corner

Your guests can recharge their batteries by playing table football, Rubik's cube or Connect Four4, before giving their concentration the ultimate boost with Sudoku and glucose. To help relaxation, guests enjoy the comfiest seating and best reading materials.


Our meeting rooms are equipped with everything you would expect to find in a meeting room and all the technology you might ever want. Each room also has a Nespresso coffee machine, to give you that quick kick.